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Sol-Center Chiropractic



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City Name: New York
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Street Address: 141 W 28th street, Ste 301 (buzzer 32) New York, NY 10001
Company description: Sol-Center is a life enhancing wellness provider offering a proprietary Chiropractic method of health care that has been refined and continually improved over nearly 20 years by the founder, Dr. Ara Bagdassarian. He utilizes a hand crafted, unique approach that synthesizes Western and Eastern philosophy, with a gentle touch of care and compassion. Thousands of patients of all ages have reduced or resolved chronic conditions such as neck, back, leg and shoulder pain, anxiety, stress, headaches, fatigue and much more. A special emphasis is placed on postural improvement, sports and injury rehabilitation and peak performance. Some of the services offered by Dr. Ara: Consultation Postural Analysis
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