Ambassador's Program

The Chamber has a brand new agenda; a new way of networking for our members! The program is our "Ambassadors Program." The Ambassadors Program exists to develop and nurture relationships among members while increasing the exposure for the Chamber’s business community. Ambassadors get the opportunity of developing new contacts which will increase their community wide recognition.

A few of the many benefits of becoming an Ambassador are listed below:

1. Deeper relationship with other Chamber members

2. Leadership role within our business community

3. Recognition at Chamber events

4. Increased referral opportunities through other Ambassadors and one-to-one contact with other members 

Meet our 2018 Ambassadors:

David Grubb

The Chamber is well run and the events schedule is broad and comprehensive. The team does a fantastic job in our community to raise the awareness and promote the Chamber members and their respective businesses. Being part of the community and getting to know each other is a critical step in developing this understanding that the Chamber creates value around for the membership. I really enjoy meeting other members at the events and have found some great partners through the chamber event schedule.
Gabriel Zangari

Gabriel Zangari

The GVCCC is an extremely useful organization to join. The team is proactive in making referrals, has created business contacts, and real business for my company. For a nominal annual fee, our company has been introduced to various other companies and has gained the support of a great organization. Thanks GVCCC!
The Chamber has been like a family to me. From the day I met Maria and former President, Matthew Heggam, I knew I wanted to join. I've made some wonderful friends and connected with other members just by getting involved and actively participating at each event the Chamber has to offer. Relationships from outside of the Chamber have also been reinforced just by showing people how active I've been.
I am an ambassador because I love my job of being in NYC pest control, and we do so many businesses and residents in the GVCCC footprint! I love helping people and solving problems, and being an ambassador helps me connect people to the Chamber and to my humanitarian efforts to make our city more livable! More people should be involved with the Chamber and become ambassadors as well.
Throughout my life I have always believed in giving back to the community. While being on the board of the GVCCC, I have had an inside view on the effect our chamber has on the people and businesses in our neighborhood. In my business, a personal touch to everything we do ultimately results in a superior client experience. Implementing this personal approach within the Chamber to help businesses achieve their goals is vital for success. This is why I am an Ambassador and why I dedicate my time to our community.

Monique Albritton

Upon joining the Greenwich Village Chelsea Chamber of Commerce, Maria took time to learn about me and my business and to inform me about the various ways the GVCCC could enhance my business. This kind act serves as my inspiration for being an ambassador for the GVCCC. I look forward to welcoming new members and meeting existing members to help them establish relationships that support them personally and
professionally within the Greenwich Village Chelsea Chamber of Commerce community.

Simon Schwartz

I am a Chamber ambassador because I want the world to be a more local place - simple as that! I grew up in a small town with some incredible local spots, and I believe that making sure local independent businesses are thriving is the best way to ensure that our local communities are as well. I started Locasaur - a mobile app to discover and endorse great local spots - to do exactly that, and I'm excited to work with the Chamber towards the same mission.
I am an ambassador because I am wholly vested in my community, which is served by the GVCCC. I also appreciate the Chamber’s commitment to its members and as such, I am delighted to support fellow business owners.