I have been a Chamber member since 2020 and have served as a Chamber Ambassador for much of that time.  I am an acupuncturist with a local practice in Greenwich Village – West Village Acupuncture.  I have practiced acupuncture in the West Village for 18 years and have previously lived there from 1984-2006.  The Village and its business community has been very important to me and continues to be so.  

     My experience has been quite positive and I have been impressed with the Chamber's overall organization and the actions it has undertaken for the benefit of the membership and the local business community.  I have a special place in my heart for the Village and surrounding communities.  This is even more so given the events of the past year.  I have seen so many businesses close and more and more empty storefronts appear everyday.  I feel I cannot just sit by and complain about what I see.  I believe that I  have an obligation to take affirmative action to help local businesses and the overall Village and Chelsea communities.  I believe one important way for me to do this is to become even more active in the GVCCC.  Moving from an Ambassador to a Board Member seems like a natural progression and I am excited about the possibility of taking on this new role.  

     I bring a variety of skills to the table.  Prior to becoming an acupuncturist, I was a practicing attorney for 18 years and served as house counsel for Ernst & Young LLP.  I was a partner in the companion firm of Ernst & Young U.S. LLP.  As such I have well developed organizational and operational skills, and am good at issue spotting and problem solving.  I hope to bring these skills to bear as a GVCCC Board Member.