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The Greenwich Village Chelsea Chamber of Commerce  (GVCCC) is a community organization founded in 1949. This organization has represented many small businesses owners and their workers throughout the years and decades. Now, more than ever, the GVCCC is stepping up to be there for our community during its lowest point to help raise it up to its highest.

For the past 16 years the chamber has worked with the NYPD through our Safe City, Safe Streets program. Even through the covid-19 crisis we are facing today, the chamber would like to continue to honor and thank the members of our local precincts and our community of local restaurants.


Join us in a fundraising effort to support our heroes in the front lines, all while supporting local business! Funds raised in this campaign will be used to buy meals from our local restaurants for our NYPD officers at the 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th, 13th and Midtown South Precincts.

How will the funds be used?  

The Chamber of commerce will be applying the funds raised to purchase food from our local restaurants to provide lunches for the officers of our local precincts. 

Your support will help us reactivate our neighborhood, maintain and create jobs, and support our first responders during these trying times. We hope this effort will go a long way in preserving our community and the livelihoods of our residents and workers.

Use the hashtag #SmallBizFeedsFrontlines and tag us @gvcchamber on Instagram and Facebook in your posts & stories if you donate so we can share!


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