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Live the Village is an initiative to remind both locals and tourists that there is much to experience in this iconic neighborhood. The initiative will include three major programs the Chamber has partnered with community stakeholders on to promote our local neighborhood and businesses, bring foot traffic back to the Village, and encourage community engagement. 


The pandemic has impacted Greenwich Village in unique ways. The streets have been the quietest they’ve ever been, businesses are short-staffed, and many were forced to close their doors, some temporary and some permanently. The vaccine rollout has created a sense of hope that we will soon get back to a sense of normalcy this summer. That’s why it’s important now more than ever to bring foot traffic back to the Village so that we can support our local businesses and business owners after such a difficult year.


The three events are Art on the Ave, Shop the Village, and The Village Trip.


Art on the Ave

April 15, 2021 – July 18, 2021


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Art on the Ave NYC will fill vacant storefrontwindows with thought-provoking art installations by local artists. The walk around the Village will include an interactive art experience, community events and an opportunity to support local businesses, bringing a sense of confidence, pride, and excitement back to the local neighborhood and economy.


This year’s theme is “Awakening,” amplifying underrepresented voices, and can be viewed on a socially-distanced walking tour that starts at the Lucille Lortel Theater in the West Village.


Shop the Village

The Right Moment. The Future of Retail.


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People everywhere have been deprived of in-person, real life experience. They lament the loss of New York City’s vibrant life and are eager to have fun and escape into a new normal. By the summer people will want to be over this ‘panny.’ They are more tech savvy than ever, more digital than ever, and are engaged and sharing more than ever. Our markets need to create moments that can take advantage of all of these situations.


Shop the Village will include sales and promotions, live music, and photo opportunities. During this program, you can sample the best food and drinks at local eateries and shop your favorite local stores while listening to live music in stores and restaurants. 


Shop the Village will be inclusive of non-retail merchants both on the famous Bleecker and neighboring streets. With this program, the GVCCC reminds everyone that the West Village is still one of the best places in the city to shop, eat, and play. 



The Village Trip

September 18, 2021 – October 9, 2021


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The Village Trip festival will shine a light on a neighborhood whose artistic and historical riches are as curious and circuitous as its winding-brick-laden streets. This event will give locals and tourists the opportunity to enjoy and learn the history of music, art, and food that makes the village so unique. The Village Trip’s mission is to restore social capital and creative force by celebrating the village’s artistic legacy and rich history in civic activism.


The event will be a community-wide celebration of all things Greenwich Village: the revolutionary ideas, the experimentation, the wildness, the sheer madness and joy of it all. Partnering with TVT founder Liz Thompson The third festival will offer a wide selection of events, for locals and visitors alike and for every age.


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