5 years ago | Retail | New York
Part Time Sales Associates
$12.00 an Hour + monthly commission.
Sale associate will assist with all aspects of Sales , as well as floor and Stock Room activities.
6 years ago | Multiple Locations
This job is for you if you love working Virtual in a fun, exciting, fast-paced, tech savvy, virtual environment. You will help the organization and this
dynamic entrepreneur to get things done. You pride yourself on starting your work day on time. You know how to think and act in a sequential
fashion – priorities first, then everything else. You love being the go-to person in the organization. Interact with wonderful customers, who are the
leaders of successful enterprises in NYC. The CEO of this company cares about employees and is easy to get along with. This company has
been in existence for six years and has grown year over year by 300%. This is a Business Advisory firm focused on Human Resource Management.
The owner is a Consultant, Author/Trainer to LinkedIn Learning. CEO Thomas was named Entrepreneur of the Year. She’s a two-time selfpublished
author and winner of the Small Business Book Award. Learn more about the company at consultfLt.com. Got questions? Email: info@consultfLt.com
6 years ago | Management | New York
For nearly 15 years, Red Hook Initiative (RHI) has nurtured young people in Red Hook, Brooklyn, to be inspired, resilient and healthy, and to envision themselves as co- creators of their lives, community and society. RHI has grown steadily in recent years, expanding its facility and programs to reach growing numbers of youth in middle school through age 24, as well as its community building and community hiring programs. Currently, the organization has a $4M budget with a plan for modest but steady growth. The organization is rich with recognition – for excellence in nonprofit management, for serving as the epicenter of post-Hurricane Sandy relief, and for cutting edge approaches to bridge the digital divide.
6 years ago | Multiple Locations
Founded in 1998, LIFT is a national nonprofit that empowers families to break the cycle of poverty. We operate program sites in four major cities – Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C. – where we connect hardworking parents and caregivers of young children to the people, tools and resources they need to achieve greater economic security and well-being. We believe that by investing in families during children’s earliest years, we can break the cycle of intergenerational poverty. To learn more, visit www.liftcommunities.org.

LIFT is at an exciting moment in its organizational trajectory. Having recently launched a new four-year strategic plan, we are expanding our team. We are looking for entrepreneurial, results-driven, relationship builders who are committed to LIFT’s mission and values.
6 years ago | Management | Okland, CA
Taproot Foundation, a national nonprofit, connects nonprofits and social change organizations with skilled volunteers through pro bono service. Taproot is creating a world where organizations dedicated to social change have full access—through pro bono service—to the marketing, strategy, HR, and IT resources they need to be most effective. Since 2001, Taproot’s skilled volunteers have served 3,700 social change organizations providing 1.5 million hours of work worth over $152 million in value. Taproot is a national organization with offices in New York, Chicago, San Francisco Bay Area, and Los Angeles and leads a network of global pro bono providers in over 23 countries around the world. www.taprootfoundation.org
6 years ago | Management | San Francisco, CA
Coro Northern California believes we need more people in our society who can work collaboratively and lead across differences. While our current political climate and technology allow us to remain easily isolated in echo chambers that reflect our opinions and perspectives, the challenges we face in our neighborhoods, organizations, and communities cannot be solved in isolation. Coro’s mission is to equip people with the skills, knowledge, and networks to collaborate and accelerate positive change wherever they are. We are uniquely positioned to forge connection and collaboration as a non-partisan non-profit with 70 years of providing leadership development experiences for everyone from high school students to senior executives. We seek an experienced trainer and facilitator to join our team.
6 years ago | Economic Analyst, | Management | New York

Agency Description:
The Department of Small Business Services (SBS) helps unlock economic potential and create economic security for all New Yorkers by connecting New Yorkers to good jobs, creating stronger businesses, and building a fairer economy in neighborhoods across the five boroughs.
6 years ago | Law, | Management | New York
The Bronx Defenders Seeks an Executive Director

In the last twenty years, The Bronx Defenders has redefined public defense. Today, The
Bronx Defenders has over 300 dedicated advocates (attorneys and other professionals) who
represent 35,000 clients each year in criminal court, family court, housing court,
immigration proceedings, and beyond.
6 years ago | Management, | Non-Profit | New York
HELP USA is seeking a Chief Operating Officer who will report to the President/CEO and oversee all programs and government contracts in three areas: transitional housing for families, transitional housing for single adults, and homelessness prevention services. This includes supervision of all social services and physical operations of 35 programs and program sites primarily in the Greater New York City area, that employ over 1000 people in total. There is tremendous variety in HELP’s portfolio of programs, including idiosyncratic buildings and unique contract requirements for nearly every program and requiring great flexibility.
6 years ago | New York
We are looking for a new part-time Program Director to produce our programs, publications and special projects.
The Program Director will oversee two annual programs: Next New York, a series of public programs examining key issues facing New York City’s built environment; and Forefront, a fellowship for emerging urban practitioners. Under the guidance of the Executive Director, the Program Director will curate the direction and coordinate the execution of compelling discussions between influential civic leaders in New York City. The Program Director will also help to produce all major project publications.